Add product identifiers to non-compliant listings and get a 2.5¢ credit on promoted listings ad fees for each listing you update in January

Increase visibility for your items with product identifiersAs promised, we want to remind you that, starting the week of February 29, product identifiers will be required to list or relist in a number of additional categories. If you’re a seller who lists in these categories, we encourage you to find out if your listings are missing these identifiers—and add them to your listings now, before the requirement takes effect.

Remember, product identifiers will be required on all new and Good ‘Til Cancelled listings of new and manufacturer-refurbished items in the following categories—and will apply to both single and multi-variation (also known as multi-SKU) items.

There are significant advantages to adding product identifiers to your listings as soon as possible—before the requirement takes effect the week of February 29—including:

  • Better exposure. In general, sellers who add product identifiers to their listings benefit from better visibility in search results—both on eBay and in search engines like Google and Bing.
  • Increased chance of selling. If your item is listed in the eBay catalog and has associated product reviews, those reviews get added to your listing automatically—and can turn interested shoppers into confirmed buyers.
  • Greater visibility in promotions. Adding product identifiers now gives you a better chance of being included in programs such as marketing emails, merchandising, and special promotions.

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