Consignment salesMore profit, less effort. I’ll sell it for you on eBay.

Maximize your profit by having me,an experienced eBay member, sell your items for you. I can help assess your merchandise, decide what to sell and take care of the entire sales process.

It’s a great way to effortlessly reap the rewards of selling on eBay.


We receive your items on consignment

You either call us or email us with a description of your item. We will assess it’s value and determine if the item has an expected eBay value of at least $50. We set up an appointment to pick up your items.


We do all the work and sell them on eBay

We provide professional digital photography and editing, research and compose detailed descriptions. We list your item on eBay, respond to all inquiries and questions for all items. When it sells, we collect the payment, safely pack and ship the item.


You get paid

Once the item is paid for, received by the buyer, and positive feedback is left for us by the buyer; we send you a check.

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Contact us for more information

(305) 582-6052 or email us at