New branded shipping store

ANNOUNCING NEW BRANDED SHIPPING STOREGive your packages a professional look with eBay branded shipping supplies. Sellers can now purchase high-quality boxes, tape, and padded mailers featuring the eBay logo.

Sellers indicated that they love the convenience of purchasing shipping supplies online. So we wanted to provide another quality, low-cost alternative. The eBay branded supplies store provides easy online ordering and convenient and free shipping.


Environmental impact was a primary concern, so we were careful to choose materials that are as eco-friendly as possible. For example our boxes are 100% recyclable, made from at least 50% recycled fibers, and SFI (Sustainable Forest Initiative) Certified. We also worked with our supplier to create a “how to recycle” message, which will be printed on every branded mailer.


The eBay branded shipping supplies store currently includes the following:

  • Boxes: Premium quality, 100% recyclable, 10 different sizes
  • Padded mailers: Premium quality, two different types, several convenient sizes
  • Tape (Coming soon!): Moisture resistant, low noise, high tensile strength, non-yellowing

The new eBay branded shipping supplies store is live—so why not stop by and shop now?

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