Sellers: Fee updates in effect May 1, listing requirements coming June 29

2015 Spring Seller UpdateA number of updates—announced as part of our 2015 Spring Seller Update—will be in effect soon. Please note the following changes and dates, and take action as required:

On May 1, to improve the visibility of sought-after merchandise—and help sellers increase their sales—eBay is updating fees and amending some listing features to encourage sellers to use the most effective listing formats and durations. These include:

  • Unlimited insertion fee credits for auction-style listings that end in a sale†
  • The removal of the feature fee for 10-day duration auction-style listings
  • A $1 special duration feature fee per listing for sellers who choose 1- or 3-day auction style listings
  • Updates to monthly allotments, insertion fees, more

Review the summary of upcoming fee and feature changes and consider applying these best practices to list appropriately and save on fees.

Starting June 29, you’ll be required to add product identifiers for all new listings of branded items in new and manufacturer refurbished condition within select categories. Generally, listings that include these product identifiers receive better visibility—both on eBay and with outside search engines—and are also eligible for inclusion in more deals and promotions, as well as special price alerts when your items are priced below the trending prices on eBay. Take full advantage of these benefits now by including product identifiers every time you list. Use eBay’s bulk listing and editing tool to update your existing listings quickly and easily.

Get complete details on the 2015 Spring Seller Update. And—as always—thank you for selling on eBay.

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